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João Pessoa foi a primeira cidade a ter um Plano de Mata AtlânticaThe Atlantic Forest was the cradle of large Brazilian cities such as São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre and Salvador. The work of SOS Mata Atlântica in the urban environment focuses on environmental education, volunteering, mobility, green spaces and quality of life.

Work initially started out on an experimental basis the second half of 2013 as a pilot project, promoting activities of the Foundation’s travelling classroom in neighborhoods and events in São Paulo and neighboring cities.

The objective is to meet a long-standing goal of the SOS Mata Atlântica Foundation: to be present in a several neighborhoods of São Paulo and other major cities, as the quality of life in urban settings is directly related to the environmental services that the forest provides.

This initiative focuses on the country’s citizens and is implemented through a collaborative approach, using the power that comes from the community itself. It is an ongoing process of engaging with and forging relationships with community leaders.

Thus, the aim of the urban project is to develop a participatory methodology for communities through which citizens, who are the prime fous of the activity, may themselves generate their own solutions.

-       Environmental Education 

educação ambientalSOS Mata Atlântica believes that without information and education, people and governments cannot take action; and without experiencing and knowing the benefits of contact with nature, they have no motivation to preserve it.

Therefore, the Foundation’s environmental education initiatives attempt to reach out to different audiences to share information and knowledge, and raise awareness about environmental rights and duties, showing that each individual can and should do their part so that everyone may enjoy a better quality of life and a well-protected environment.

Another goal is to disseminate information on the importance of the Atlantic Forest, showing that over 118 million Brazilians live in regions that are part of it.


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