About Us

About Us

The SOS Mata Atlântica Foundation is a non-governmental organization established in 1986. It is a private, non-profit agency whose mission is to promote the conservation of the biological and cultural diversity of the Atlantic Forest Biome and the ecosystems under its influence, promoting actions for sustainable development, as well as education and awareness-raising regarding the Atlantic Forest, by mobilizing, providing training and encouraging the practice of socio-environmental citizenship.about us

The organization develops projects on environmental conservation, data production, the mapping and monitoring of the Biome’s forest cover, campaigns, public policy advocacy, environmental education and forest restoration programs, volunteer work, sustainable development and ecosystem protection and management.

The SOS Mata Atlântica Manifesto

Human beings are part of nature.

We believe …

That mankind can only ensure quality of life as we learn to live in harmony with the environment we live in.

That responsibility for preservation lies with all of society and is based on everyday actions.

That individual awareness is the basis for collective mobilization.

That today is the day of our battle and that our commitment must be renewed again and again. We cannot wait till tomorrow to get into action.

The sustainability of life on the planet depends on an economy based on socio-environmental values.

Our pledge

It is urgent to call on our community for the exercise of environmental citizenship, with responsibility and commitment towards the future of our territory, the Atlantic Forest biome, heritage of mankind.

This is our commitment in recognition of our relationship with, solidarity towards, respect for and harmony with nature.

The contribution of SOS Mata Atlântica is to alert, inform, educate, mobilize and train for the exercise of citizenship, encouraging best practices, knowledge and alliances.