Atlantic Forest Municipal Plans

Atlantic Forest Municipal Plans

As provided in the Atlantic Forest Law (Law No. 11.428/06, the Atlantic Forest Law), Brazilian municipalities must take their share of responsibility in protecting this important forest biome through the available instruments.pmma

The principal instrument is the Municipal Plan for Conservation and Restoration of the Atlantic Forest (PMMA), a document that collects and standardizes the elements necessary for the protection, conservation, restoration and sustainable use of the Atlantic Forest.

Mario Mantovani, Director of Public Policy at SOS Mata Atlântica, says the plan benefits the municipality’s environmental management and planning. “When the municipality maps green areas and indicates how they will be managed – for example, whether they will be turned into a park or an ​​environmental protection area – it is much easier to conduct processes such as the licensing of projects. Moreover, this legislation brings the municipality closer to citizens, because we’re also talking about quality of life”, he points out.

The PMMA yields several important results for the municipality, such as the creation and/or expansion of municipal protected areas, recovery of  risk areas, protection of water supply, targeting of environmental licensing (contributing to the enforcement of Complementary Law 140), obtaining of compensation funds, and tools for strengthening municipal environmental management and planning, territorial planning, including environmental legalization of rural properties and strengthening of environmental laws.

The SOS Mata Atlântica closely monitors and supports municipalities that take the initiative to develop their Atlantic Forest Plans. This includes actions such as the promotion and follow-up of mobilization and training projects for the drafting of PMMAs in different regions of the Atlantic Forest; support to municipalities interested in producing the Plans; support for methodological improvement of the design and implementation of these documents, dissemination of educational materials and news about the Plans, etc.