Atlas of the Atlantic Forest Remains



Atlas of the Atlantic Forest Remains

This comprehensive study was started in 1989 in partnership with the National Institute for Space Research (INPE). The latest edition is sponsored by Bradesco Cards, with technical support from Arcplan and the participation and collaboration of numerous institutions, technical staff and researchers.atlas

The Atlas shows the state of affairs of the remnants of Atlantic Forest and mangrove and sandbank vegetation, and systematically promotes surveys and analyses in critical areas – such as the deforestation ranking – contributing to increased knowledge and providing inputs for policies and strategies to protect this Biome. In each edition, the assessment is carried out more quickly and accurately, showing deforestation through recent high-resolution images and fieldwork.

Until 2005, the Atlas was updated every five years. In 2008 it was updated again and the interval was reduced to two years. Currently updates are done annually. In May 2014, the latest update for the 2012-2013 period was released, containing data from the 17 states covered by the Atlantic Forest Law Enforcement Map. In 2014, the project completed 25 years.

The study includes the Atlantic Forest Municipalities Atlas, released in 2004, which reveals the situation of the Atlantic Forest in 3,284 municipalities in 17 states that are covered by the Biome, and also includes data on Protected Areas, watersheds and priority areas.

Maps, reports, statistics, images, field photos and vector files are available at