Click-a-tree (Clickarvore)

The first major forest restoration program of SOS Mata Atlântica, the Clickarvore (Click-a-tree) was launched in 2000 and benefits from the participation of a wide network of supporters, such as nurseries, NGOs, academia, corporate sponsors, and mainly internet users and Atlantic Forest landowners.

ff2At the beginning of the program, internet users donated trees by clicking. The seedlings were sponsored by companies. More than 23 million seedlings were donated at that stage and contributed to the restoration of more than 13 thousand hectares of native forest.

In 2010, Clickarvore completed 10 years and developed a new strategy: each click is converted into a vote to define the regions where the seedlings donated by the program’s partners will be planted. And the landowners, besides receiving the seedlings and technical guidance, receive benefits after three years if the forest restoration thus promoted brings about true results for biodiversity.

Clickarvore’s new phase works through calls for proposals. In 2013, the program recorded the donation of 1,500,000 seedlings, which contributed to the ongoing restoration of 900 hectares in different states, such as PR, SP, MG, MS and RJ.