Forests of the Future

Forests of the Future

ff1A broad participatory program for the restoration of private areas, preferably those that contribute to water conservation and biodiversity.

Launched in June 2004, the program brings together civil society, landowners, private sector and public authorities to fund the planting of seedlings, support environmental initiatives and provide training for environmental recovery.

In this program, SOS Mata Atlântica is responsible for the various stages of forest restoration, which involves project implementation and maintenance, choice of areas, selection and procurement of seedlings in nurseries, planting, and regular inspections of the properties.

Partnerships with the private sector are essential. Besides supporting the planting of seedlings, companies can offset some of the carbon emissions generated by their activities.

Since the beginning of the program, 79 companies have participated in more than 128 different events and activities, and 67 thousand trees have been planted for the sole purpose of CO2 compensation/neutralization.

The program also contributes to raising environmental awareness among the companies’ staff and incorporates best practices in the corporate environment.

More than 4.9 million native trees have been planted by the program. In addition, 88 landowners have been involved with the program, with a total of 135 beneficiary projects.