Learning with the Atlantic Forest

Learning with the Atlantic Forest

In 2010, SOS Mata Atlântica – in partnership with Brasil Kirin and with the support of Bradesco Capitalization and Imperial/Microtur – launched the environmental education project “Learning with the Atlantic Forest”.ap1

Developed at the SOS Atlantic Forest – Brasil Kirin Center for Forest Experiments, the project targets students in primary, secondary, technical and higher education, as well as other groups of visitors.

The initiative’s goal is to raise awareness among students and other visitors regarding the importance and proximity of the Atlantic Forest through fun activities related to environmental issues.

Environmental education activities are developed with a view to enabling practical contact with nature through the Sequential Learning methodology, comprised of role playing, activities and games. This approach is based on the view that human experience is a constantly evolving path, and that feelings, thoughts and actions emerging from contact with the natural world are important steps in individual and social development.

Along these lines, the Sensory Garden, which was inaugurated in August 2013, is a unique initiative to stimulate balance, perception and physical and mental development through contact with different plant species.

In three years, the Learning with the Atlantic Forest Project has already received 16,734 visitors, including 182 with special needs.