Water Network

Water Network

This program is dedicated to water:  monitoring, social mobilization and public policy for the participatory and integrated management of water and forests, with actions carried out in the biome’s watersheds.water network2

The Water Network disseminates methodologies, promotes environmental education and exchange for integrated water resources management and is responsible for the Foundation’s related projects.

The Foundation’s water-related activities began with the Pro-Tietê Union Nucleus, a movement that started in 1991 to coordinate the campaign to clean up the Tietê River, in partnership with Radio Eldorado, which gathered 1.2 million signatures and delivered them to the Government of the State of São Paulo and the Inter-American Development Bank – IDB.

Since then, the Network has been mobilizing citizens and monitoring water quality in more than 194 rivers and streams of the Upper Tietê Basin in order to observe the Project’s progress. Furthermore, it carries out activities in environmental education, mobilization and social network monitoring through the Observing the Rivers project, involving 218 monitoring groups working voluntarily and permanently in the monitoring of rivers in watersheds in 12 Atlantic Forest states, using the methodology and water quality evaluation kits provided by the Foundation. These groups bring together 6,540 people working jointly to provide awareness raising and training, and to ensure the engagement of local communities.

The Water Network also conducts workshops, campaigns, expeditions, events and produces publications with the methodologies that it develops, such as Observing the Tietê (2004) and Watershed Diagnosis and Characterization by Perception (2005).

It also coordinates the Forest Water project for forest restoration and participatory water management that is being implemented in the watershed of the Pirai, São José and Caxambu Rivers since 2008, in partnership with the Coca-Cola Brazil Institute and owners of restored areas in the region.