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Volunteer Program

Working in various social and environmental realities is a stimulus for the Volunteer Group of the SOS Mata Atlantica Foundation, which builds along with the population the way for recovering and protecting their environment. The Program’s mission is to build a just, supportive and participatory society committed to social and environmental issues. SOS Mata Atlantica’s [...]

Aprendendo com a Mata

Aprendendo com a Mata Atlântica

Learning with the Atlantic Forest

In 2010, SOS Mata Atlântica – in partnership with Brasil Kirin and with the support of Bradesco Capitalization and Imperial/Microtur – launched the environmental education project “Learning with the Atlantic Forest”. Developed at the SOS Atlantic Forest – Brasil Kirin Center for Forest Experiments, the project targets students in primary, secondary, technical and higher education, [...]


A Mata Atlântica é Aqui

Atlantic Forest is Here

Fist launched in 2009, the project customized a truck to travel around the Brazilian cities locate in the Atlantic Forest, disseminating information about the importance and influence of the biome, and carrying out fun and educational activities on socio-environmental themes. The truck offers all the necessary materials for environmental education activities such as workshops, video [...]

CEF Novo Painel

Aprendendo com a Mata Atlântica

Center for Forest Experiments

The Center is a reference for the restoration and conservation of forest resources and is active in the following areas: 1 Forest Restoration and Natural Resources Conservation; 2 Research and Experimentation; 3 Training and Education; 4 Environmental Education and Mobilization. Located in Itu (interior of São Paulo state), in an old coffee farm lent to [...]


Conservação marinha

Atlantic Coast

Since 2006, the Atlantic Coast Program has been contributing to the sustainable development and environmental balance of coastal and marine areas of the Atlantic Forest, including the protection of the natural, biological, historical and cultural heritage of these regions. The Program consists of two funds. The first is the “Fund for the conservation and promotion [...]

Atlantic Forest Municipal Plans

As provided in the Atlantic Forest Law (Law No. 11.428/06, the Atlantic Forest Law), Brazilian municipalities must take their share of responsibility in protecting this important forest biome through the available instruments. The principal instrument is the Municipal Plan for Conservation and Restoration of the Atlantic Forest (PMMA), a document that collects and standardizes the [...]

RPPN Alto Gururu ES


Private Natural Heritage Reserves (RPPN) Support Program

This Program was created in 2003 by an initiative of SOS Mata Atlântica Foundation and Conservation International, as part of the Alliance for the Conservation of Atlantic Forest, with the goal of supporting the creation and implementation of private reserves. The performance of the program can be divided into four components: support for projects; institutional [...]

Atlas Mapa  2010_2011_A4_300dpi

Atlas da Mata Atlântica

Atlas of the Atlantic Forest Remains

This comprehensive study was started in 1989 in partnership with the National Institute for Space Research (INPE). The latest edition is sponsored by Bradesco Cards, with technical support from Arcplan and the participation and collaboration of numerous institutions, technical staff and researchers. The Atlas shows the state of affairs of the remnants of Atlantic Forest [...]

Click-a-tree (Clickarvore)

The first major forest restoration program of SOS Mata Atlântica, the Clickarvore (Click-a-tree) was launched in 2000 and benefits from the participation of a wide network of supporters, such as nurseries, NGOs, academia, corporate sponsors, and mainly internet users and Atlantic Forest landowners. At the beginning of the program, internet users donated trees by clicking. [...]


Centro de Experimentos Florestais

Forests of the Future

A broad participatory program for the restoration of private areas, preferably those that contribute to water conservation and biodiversity. Launched in June 2004, the program brings together civil society, landowners, private sector and public authorities to fund the planting of seedlings, support environmental initiatives and provide training for environmental recovery. In this program, SOS Mata [...]